(Photography and videography credit: Kelli Ffrench-Parker @KelliAmirah)

Howard’s 150th year homecoming started out with a bang. Large groups of people crowded outside of Burr in anticipation for the kick off event. The Showtime marching band warmed up the crowd with their legendary renditions of “Wild Thoughts,” “Maria Maria” and “Mascot” as the Howard Cheer and Ooh La La performed alongside. The entire gym came alive when “Talkin’ Out the Side of Your Neck” was played. Stands of bison joined in the chant and bopped along.

Next, the football team charged in to join the hype. After applauding their success this season, they led the audience in a swag surf, swaying along and celebrating 150 years of HU spirit. The Bisonettes came through next with a bomb routine that shook up the stands. After a lit audience break, guest artist WillThaRapper showed out with his entourage performing his hit, “Pull Up Hop Out.”

Later an alumni associate from 93.9 WKYS spoke briefly about the Howard Homecoming tradition, promising a “week of excitement.” The crowd exited to the soundtrack of “This is How We Do It” on a Monday night. The high energy from the pep rally will surely be carried throughout the rest of Homecoming week. This is just the beginning to the best week of the school year.

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