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In a sit-down interview with Adam Sanders, a junior, Marketing major, from Westchester, New York, he explained the creation, purpose, and future plans for the brand, The Players Club.

Created in the spring of 2016, The Players Club was made with the intent to “fill a void that does not exist in culture as of yet,” said Sanders, “No brand has been able to successfully merge music distribution, clothing and products, event planning, media and film, as well as tying in literature and all forms of visual art.”

Still in its beginning stages, the brand thinks all current members as the creators. According to Sanders, “Our identity has yet to fully manifest, so whosoever’s a part of the brand now would be considered one of the creators.” With so many focuses and simultaneous productions, it takes a village and the involvement of many.

Some might argue that the brand is taking on too much or that their focuses are separate entities, but Sanders broke down the correlation, “The arts aren’t separate. Film is connected to music, music to fashion, fashion to media, and media to literature/visual arts.” In culture, the realms coexist, so why not put them all under the same umbrella?

Furthermore, it is the overall unity that the brand seeks, “We strive to show aspiring entrepreneurs and those already in our respective industries that this sort of business model can be functional, like renegades for culture.”

One of the brand’s first functions was a birthday celebration for a fellow classmate. Since then, their events have been along the lines of parties and local concerts, but they’re looking to expand in that area to include community outreach, “We’d like to broaden the spectrum in types of events, and we’d like to make community service initiatives apart of our agenda yearly,” said Sanders.

Naturally, the events garner some of the most support for the brand, both in participation and revenue. At first glance, the brand could easily be mistaken as party group since promotions are heaviest during these times to meet ticket sales goals. Through constant social media postings and word-of-mouth advertising, the brand is most commonly present in the weeks or days leading up to an event. Promotions then continue both during and after the function as attendees post to their own social media pages while attending. Depending on the size of the event and whatever collaborations made have been made, a single event can generate up to between $2000 and $4000 for The Players Club.

However, last homecoming season the brand made their fashion debut through an appearance in the 2016 Bison Homecoming Fashion Show. Unisex hoodies featuring a variety of colors with the word “PLAYER” printed boldly across the chest, was strutted up and down the prominent runway – catching the eyes of many and thus growing increasingly popular on campus.

Appreciating the support following the show, the experience was just the inspiration they needed to keep dreaming, “We’re just excited to see so many people appreciate the designers and it was foreshadowing to us…of how impactful the clothing line can be,” said Sanders.

The Players Club has plans of not only expanding the fashion line, but also expanding their appearances and clientele. This year the brand will be featured in more university fashion shows up and down the east coast including The University of Albany, Buffalo State University, Hampton University, and the Atlanta University Center Consortium.

On the music side, the brand has its own music label and distribution entitled, The Players Club Records. At this current time, they have lineup artists including fellow Bison rappers, Tyler “Ty Fortune” Fortune and Jarid “Eleven9” Hutchins, ASAP Ferg’s younger brother, and artist, composer, engineer, and producer Tommyy Lovee who produced the single “Furious Ferg” for ASAP Ferg.

The Players Club has scheduled performances for their artists at wide variety of events ranging from local sneaker store openings, to the 2017 ChiAwards, and are even expected to perform at the 2017 Bison Homecoming YardFest.

With a team of over 30 people, The Players Club still outsources many of their visuals, “We’ve been expanding and currently are still expanding,” said Sanders. As they continue to grow it is in their hopes to become a black-owned branding powerhouse that handles all aspects of production across platforms, creating a prosperous business model promoting unity across the arts.

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