It’s been nearly two weeks since the highly anticipated film “Black Panther” hit the box office. Black Panther had such a huge impact that artists such as Lil Yachty and Offset became the connects for free movie tickets.

Yachty and Offset proved that they can do more than feature on each other’s songs. During All-Star Weekend, the Georgia rappers teamed up to buy out a movie theater for foster children and at-risk minors in the Los Angeles area to see Black Panther. The rappers surprised 500 kids at the El Capitan Theatre with a surprise appearance and announcement.  

Though the act of kindness showed a selfless side of the flashy rappers, they were not necessarily the masterminds behind the positive event. “This Is Us” writer, Jas Waters orchestrated the idea to screen the film at El Capitan Theatre over the weekend. Waters admitted to “Atlanta Vibe” that she was shocked to see the rappers at the event. The event initially started with a two ticket give-away on the writers twitter. “I tweeted if anyone knows of any kids that needs tickets, I have two. And people began to hit me saying that they want to donate more tickets”, Waters said to TMZ.  The writer also teamed up with producer Amanda  Timpson to further execute the event. Waters intention was to provide as many kids with tickets as possible, while the rappers took it up a notch and bought out a whole theater.

Lil Yachty and Offset aren’t the only celebrities performing such acts of kindness. Many celebrities have been participating in a movement known as the “#BlackPantherChallenge”. The challenge was created to provide free access to the Black Panther film for underprivileged communities. The movement began last month when Philanthropist Frederick Joseph created a GoFundMe to raise $40,000 for kids to see the movie in Harlem. Celebrities that have been participating in this challenge include Serena Williams, T.I., Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer. Many public figures continue to use their fortune to provide opportunities for those in need.

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