1. Don’t allow people to disappoint you. Instead, focus on your craft.

We allow ourselves to be disappointed in others by placing such high standards on them. Disappointment doesn’t really exist –  it is created by our necessity to be able to depend on someone. Although it’s nice to know that you have someone in your corner, sometimes you realize people are simply unreliable. When we emphasize this and attach our emotions, we become distracted from the bigger picture.

The college experience is a time that should be devoted to molding and shaping your future and establishing a career path. It is a time where people make connections between education and life in order to intertwine the two. We must appreciate ourselves enough to not depreciate our own success at the hands of social distress and human follies. The ultimate food for thought is that you should take everything with a grain of salt or it will clog your arteries. The more we focus on our craft the less time we have to worry about other people’s actions. Instead of being upset over someone letting you down focus on not letting yourself down.

2. Get Involved.

Ending the semester strong doesn’t only mean maintaining a high GPA. It’s much more than securing a job or internship by the end of the semester. Productivity is the key indicator of how well you’ve concluded the semester. From networking to exploring new opportunities, you should aim to remain active.

Figure out what you love and your passions will guide through experiences that can shape your success. Joining organizations on and off campus are great ways to get involved and keep up with current information, events and issues that matter to you. If you’re sitting at home/in your dorm don’t let it be all the time. Even if you don’t know specifically what to do or where to go getting out is sometimes all you need do. You never know what can happen.

3. After receiving your grades, grade yourself.

Of course, most of us are diligently working towards that 4.0 GPA. Many of us, however, still measure our worth or success by these numbers and letters. We fail to realize that we are the ones who validate and give purpose to these degrees and grades. We shape the ways they are utilized. Although many people claim to no longer place their worth on their grades once they reach college, they still subconsciously do this. Obviously, no one ever wishes to receive a bad grade but we never evaluate this situation appropriately when it happens.

Next time you receive your academic grades give yourself a progress grade. Ask yourself what have you taken from your classes that you can utilize in your everyday life. Take note of any positive changes you’ve made during the semester. Check to make sure you don’t have any squares in your circle. Observe your footprints on the path towards your success and immersion. 

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