It’s almost that time of year! As the temperature drops and begins to bundle up, it’s clear the holiday season is approaching. The time of year that brings peppermints and pine cones, hot chocolate and marshmallows, warm PJs and cuddling up under blankets. While in college you may find it hard to recreate this feeling here at Howard No worries, here are some tips to make the most of the season while on campus.

1. Create your own Winter Wonderland in your room!


If you’re truly into the festive spirit, try turning your own room into it a haven of holiday spirit (with the permission and cooperation of any roommates of course). You can decorate your door with cheap decorations of candy canes, snowman, or reindeer, even a small wreath from Walmart or the dollar store. Or take some construction paper, scissors,tape, and maybe some glitter and create your own cutouts to put on your door (You can use these cutouts to decorate the walls in your room as well).  If you really want to be creative, you can even put wrapping paper on your door and make it look like one big present. You can buy some decorations for your desk, like a tiny christmas tree or figurines.

Aside from decorations, you can keep the holiday feeling growing with a great playlist to play in your room, and lastly to set the mood get a wall plug-in with a cinnamon or mint scent. Incorporate any of these ideas in your room and you will have created your holiday home away from home.

2. Have a gift swap with your friends


The best feeling of the holidays is being surrounded by family, but for most college students that is luxury that cannot be afforded. Hopefully you have a great group of friends that make you feel safe and happy enough to try this idea with. As you and your friend group discuss the idea, decide a spending limit, so no one goes overboard with spending and everyone feels comfortable with the amount of money they can spend. The gifts don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be personal and have some thought put into it. You can even use your own personal talents and save yourself money.

If you know they like to cook, buy them one of those jars that have all the ingredients in it, such as an ultimate brownie jar. If you’re good at art, and they appreciate pieces of art, commission a piece for them. You can do anything, it can be as simple as buying a bunch of sweets and snacks at the convenience store, packaged nicely with a sweet card, and there you have a mini care package. On that day, everyone should meet at a decided location, with holiday music in the background, maybe some cookies or chips and let the exchange begin. It’ll be a night of bonding with your friends.

3. Host a holiday themed party


Have a holiday movie night or a night of food and games. The attire can be anything from onesies, to Ugly Christmas sweaters, to holiday PJs. It can be as festive as you want when it comes to decorations, food, activities, and themes. Just make sure to have fun.

4. Go out in D.C. and enjoy some free Winter season events


FREE! What a beautiful word that is, FREE is also a word applied to many events in D.C., which means it’s college student friendly. All it takes is a simple Google search and you’ll find many things to do and see. You can visit the National Christmas Tree, the Zoo Lights at the National Zoo, the downtown holiday market, the U.S. Botanical Garden, and more. You get to see some amazing displays and explore D.C. all in one.

Take advantage of all of these options and make the most of this season while you’re at Howard. Happy Holidays!


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