Every year Howard university’s most talented students perform for WHBC’s annual Howard’s Hottest show, where students are able to showcase their talents in front of an audience and a panel of distinguished judges.

1. It is a way for Howard artists to showcase their talent

Howard’s Hottest is WHBC’s annual event that features DJ’s, music artists, and producers. These artists are able to perform and get feedback from the audience as well as a panel of judges. Each artist is given a score and a winner is announced at the end. The winner usually receives much more notoriety on campus, which could positively impact their career.


2. It is a fun, entertaining event for students and faculty to attend

There will be music, dancing, and special performances. The energy of the audience is important to make the event great. The event is free and acts as the perfect Segway from the school week to the weekend.



3. Artists are able to learn from professionals in their respective fields

There are many aspiring artists and producers on campus. Howard’s Hottest allows these students to get critique and comments from other artists in their field. This is beneficial for those trying to start their music career.



4. Howard Students can rock their bomb outfits

Howard’s Hottest 2017 is following a Belly theme. Therefore, attendees will be dressed the nines in their favorite 90s inspired looks. This gives all students a chance to get creative and relate to each other in a fun way. The event will also feature a best-dressed contest.



5. It is WHBC’s main event of the year

WHBC serves as a major media outlet for the Howard community. Many creatives on campus are able to showcase their skills and learn new things through WHBC’s platform. This event is an extension of the work that WHBC does to provide content and develop students’ skills.


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