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Josh “DJ Dream” Hardin is a junior, economics major from Cincinnati, Ohio and notable disc jockey. Starting in just the eighth grade because “it was something different than what everybody else was doing”, YouTube tutorials have allowed him to turn a hobby into a profitable stream of income.

When asked about the inspiration behind his stage name, Hardin explained, “Dream was just a big thing with my dad. That’s one of his mottos and that’s what he lives by”. The name also fits better under the umbrella of his father’s entertainment business, iDream Entertainment.

As a part of iDream Ent., Hardin has had a plethora of bookings and gigs that often require and include traveling across the country. “The coolest place I’ve spinned was the 2016 Cincinnati Summer Jam in front of over 20,000+ people.”

Charging between $50-$75 an hour for campus gigs and $500-$600 for corporate gigs, Hardin did not hesitate to start giving back. Last year, he started a scholarship fund for incoming Howard University students from his hometown. “Often times people get caught up in branding themselves…it doesn’t show other people or people that support you that you care about them.”

Since he began his journey seven years ago, Hardin has always looked to take the road less traveled, be different, and set an example. As his success continues to grow he keeps these mantras at his center, touching those around him far beyond his set lists.

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