By: Cydney Stephens

Dreamville’s leading lady, Ari Lennox stopped by WHBC to discuss her recent video release for her single, “Whipped Cream.”

“Whipped Cream” is a soulful ballad about Lennox’s battle to overcome an unshakeable lover. Although Lennox is working to move on, she can’t stop having vivid dreams of her past love.

The visuals for “Whipped Cream” take viewers on a trip with Lennox through a number of sights around DC as she reminisces. Lennox remarked that she “wouldn’t have it any other way” when asked about her decision to have notable sights such as the DC metro in her visuals.

The Songstress describes herself as “weird, wild, and sweet,” but reminds listeners that she can still be mean if anyone tries her.

Born and raised in DC, the Washington native lists her influences as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Whitney Houston. The soulfulness of her influences are present in her music. Lennox advises new listeners to listen to “Random Heartbreaks,”“Whipped Cream,”“LaLaLaLa,” and “Backseat” to understand her sound. Lennox, who uses music as a therapeutic medium, hopes that her sounds can be of help to her listeners.

Catch Ari Lennox at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina on September 15th, watch “Whipped Cream” on her YouTube channel, and listen to the entire Ari Lennox/WHBC interview here!

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