Students were grateful to be in the presence of the woman whose name is gently positioned on the Howard University School of Communications building. Renowned radio host and business executive Cathy Hughes engaged in an interactive Q & A session at the Inclusive Innovation Incubator on March 20. The media mogul shared personal experiences about the start of her career and current endeavors as students eagerly listened.

The Q & A session was curated by student journalist, Nayo Campbell. Campbell delved into a string of questions that allowed the crowd to become familiar with the high-achieving entrepreneur. Campbell inquired about the start of Hughes’ career and the obstacles she endured a long the road to success. Hughes elaborated in humorous, great detail about an difficulty that appeared at the beginning of her career.

“Back then there was a product called ‘norform.’ My girls and I didn’t know much about our sexuality, and we thought it must be a contraceptive. Turns out it was yogurt. So I was very pregnant at 16,” said Hughes. She further went on to explain that her early pregnancy assisted in her not becoming an egotistical success story.

After getting tired of hearing herself speak, Hughes to opened the Q & A session to the audience. Hughes asked questions regarding current events in media and testing the knowledge of those that aspire to be media professionals. She quizzed students on the recent WKYS controversy. “How many of you listen to WKYS? How many of you are aware of the controversy? Did anybody follow the controversy from start to finish?” Hughes inquired. The media maven explained the WKYS incident, where a radio host denied a babysitter because of her attractive looks and was later ambushed by her co-host with the appearance of that very babysitter. Hughes opened the floor to the audience, and specified that she wanted to hear from students. The media maven was curious about students’ ability to practice critical skills for the professional world.

Prior to this event, many people were not aware of the accomplishments of Cathy Hughes. After the Q & A session, students learned of the trials and tribulations of her career, the amount of money she is capable of earning for radio stations, and her ties to Howard University. Cathy Hughes continues to impact the women of all traces of life through her accomplishment to media and the African-American community.

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