Hip-Hop superstar Kanye West has never been afraid to speak his mind and voice his opinions. From boldly stating former president George Bush doesn’t like black people on national television after Hurricane Katrina to proudly wearing the Confederate flag as a political and fashion statement, West has always been adamant about sharing his controversial (and typically unpopular) viewpoints with the world.

After reactivating his Twitter account on April 13, West has dominated headlines with his controversial tweets. Specifically, he has drawn nationwide attention for his open support for President Donald Trump.

His account features recent tweets defending President Trump, and he has also uploaded photos of himself sporting the infamous red “Make America Great Again” hats commonly worn by supporters of the President.

It is no surprise that West’s sentiments toward the President have spurred controversy and stirred conversations about the role of celebrities in politics. Despite facing criticism, West has received support from fellow Chicago artist Chance the Rapper and of course, President Trump himself.

The saga continues to unfold as Kim Kardashian-West defends her husband from the media’s attacks and criticism. Rumors claiming West is suffering from mental illness or drug addiction are circulating, but the West’s defenders insist he is merely expressing himself.

West was also criticized for meeting with the President at Trump Tower last year. Fans and enemies continue to monitor West’s online activity for his next potentially controversial statement.

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