In the era of rappers relying on beats and ignoring the importance of meaningful or even understandable lyrics, DC Lyrics has a rare energy in his music with words that evoke thought and raise eyebrows. From the humor to the controversy, his stage presence kept the audience engaged as he told a complex story in his song “Dilemma.” This song explores his “dilemma” of deciding to conquer his competition in the rap game, the lack of substance in today’s hip-hop world and the recent increase in the audacity of xenophobic right-wing conservatives. On many occasions audiences show more interest in hype music, but this artist held their attention with his witty wordplay and stimulated them with his eccentric, lively and unparalleled performance.

Flyer than a griffin and I’m fat, no Peter

The factor of humor accompanying serious content matter is imperative to note as it shows the versatility of DC Lyrics, lyrical delivery. Although braggadocios, it brings back what made hip hop music entertaining, which was its sometimes-lighthearted demeanor. Continuing this pattern, the line “Coming for the king?/ you sillier than a black jack” is an example of how a rapper can boast themselves without using some of the volatile language commonly found in much of mainstream rap. For instance, he does not use the N-word unnecessarily or at all, he does not objectify women, or praise material greed. In fact, he attacks these themes many rappers recycle in their music with the line “Cuz all I really hear when I listen is I’m so lit, then something bout a wrist watch/ If not that, then they tell me how their b**** hot/ If not that, then they tell me how to whip pots then I start turning the station.” Although he is bragging too, he is bragging about his lyrical skill rather than subjects without substance.

“All these racists walking round wit lit wood, but 45 wanna say it’s all good”

In light of recent political uproar and racial upsets, he addresses the implied threat of racists with “I live my life and mind my business/But I be damned, if I lose one of my fam to your hatred or your sickness.” As a black man, a rapper, and a student at an HBCU this threat is heightened, and he is even more of a target in society.

In a genre where many of the new artists have become horrifically distracted with luxury and have heavily ignored the struggles of black people, it is refreshing to be reassured by artists DC Lyrics. With the great influence of this kind of art form it is important that more artists maintain this level of authenticity, awareness, energy and relevancy.

DC Lyrics is the 2017 Howard’s Hottest hip-hop artist winner. His music can be found here.


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