Members of WHBC’s team, BreAnna Bell and Tia Lowe were able to catch up with cast members of BET’s new “out the box” sketch comedy show “50 Central BET.” The two castmates were able to discuss everything from their schooling and training to their social media fame and bringing their following to the big screen.

The show itself, “50 Central BET,” takes on the comedic tradition of sketch comedy and follows in the footsteps of its predecessors “In Living Color,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “MadTV,” “The Chappelle Show,” and many more.

Both stars became very emotional about the surreal experience of joining a show such as this which has the ability to jumpstart actors into superstardom, such as the careers of Jamie Foxx, Dave Chappelle, the Wayans family and many more.

Vince Swann, 24, says, “As someone who looks up to the careers of artists such as Jamie Foxx, it feels surreal for the most part to grow up watching In Living Color shows like that and now there is a show for them to practice that same thing on BET.”

Kiya Roberts, 36, answered, “[very emotional] It was such a big thing in my career because it was finally like I was being validated as an artist. Especially to be cast in the show by a great person in the industry, Robi Reed (the woman who casted characters for In Living Color) it was definitely a surreal and crazy experience and it’s just been a huge thing for my career. “

Swann studied acting at the British American Drama Academy, which he describes to be “Shakespeare Boot Camp,” at the age of 19. Since then, he has become a well known actor. When he isn’t working on his comedic acting with his new role on 50 Cent’s new show, he’s working on music videos, short documentaries, and other production work.

As an artist who creates, produces, as well as acts, Swann describes his favorite thing would be to produce the content because he has more free range to create than he would in front of the camera.

Roberts quickly agreed, adding to his sentiment, “I would probably say being behind the scenes as well because there’s something about the collaborating process – while I am not a mother, I would have to think that’s probably the closest feeling to giving birth that I’ve ever experienced. The synergy in the room like that… is like being close to God.”

Roberts is a Howard University alumna. One classmate who remembers her during her time at Howard, Bobby Patton, described her as “very social and active with student organizations such as Campus Pals and her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.” Today, she can be found on her YouTube channel posting new instalments of her vlogs ‘An Actor’s Business’ or any of her hilarious skits.

As an alum of Howard, Roberts says her time at the University prepared her for her career and ultimately her life.

“I feel like my time at Howard really prepared me for life because Howard doesn’t make anything easy for you. However, I think that may just be a recurring thing at HBCUs in general [laughing]. Howard definitely prepared me craft-wise and life wise though.”

On the topic of impressions, the accomplished actor he is, Swann admits his favorite impression to do is Denzel Washington.

“I like to watch people who say they do impressions–I’m a very tough critic in my opinion– but I like to watch Vince do his impressions because he moves his entire body like how Denzel would if he’s doing that impression. He even blinks like Denzel. That’s why I say I don’t do impressions because there’s so much that goes into a good impression,” Kiya Roberts said.

While she says, she doesn’t do impressions, the actress still does a very impressive job of acting out the different characters she’s created for herself, including a recurring character on her social media accounts: Ruthie the Librarian.

“How did you know about Ruthie the Librarian? Wow, funny you should mention that Ruthie is definitely my favorite character to act out. When I act things out, I don’t see race in a role. Ruthie isn’t an urban role and I think that’s partially what I like about her. “

When asked about what roles fans could look for in their futures, the two actors said:

“[Vince Swann] My dream role would be a Will Smith or Allen Iverson biopic. I think that would be something I definitely want to see in my future.”

“[Kiya Roberts] It’s so funny because I never wanted to really do comedy, but I found out I wanted to be an actor by making people laugh. I eventually want to get into more dramas, but comedy and drama tend to go hand in hand–that’s why you see the crying and laughing faces together in the theater. I love comedy because of the way it touches people – the universality of making people laugh. My dream role would definitely be a period piece drama. I just think that would be the best job for me to have.”

Since their quick rise to household fame, the two cast members have still managed to keep their same love for the small things and hold onto higher dreams for their careers in the future. The two share a somewhat different love for comedy that continues to challenge their craft and pushes them to create more than they have before.

Kiya Roberts and Vince Swann will appear on 50 Central BET every Wednesday night at 10:30/9:30 Central.

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