1. Get over FOMO

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out, and during a time like spring break, it can plague many college students. When there’s the pressure to relive your own version of the movie Spring Breakers every year, it can have you down that you’re sitting at home eating ice cream while it feels like everyone else is at Cancun. To combat some of those feelings, here are some affirmations. Know that having a “great” spring break doesn’t and won’t happen every year and that there are more people staying at home than partying on the beach. Don’t wallow and waste the time you do have on break, but instead utilize as the time away from school (something we all desperately need). Lastly, know that there’s always next year to live out your best carefree Black joy.

2. Repurpose your spring break

When most young adults think of spring break they think of the beach, partying – a week full of experiences you won’t be able to tell your parents. But it must be remembered that you can use this break for a good purpose. If your purpose is to party until every night until 5 am, then do that. If you want rest and are planning to get out of your bed only twice a day for five days straight, do that. If you plan to have a week of self-care full of writing, self-reflection and yoga, then do that. If you want to use this week to apply to internships and get your schoolwork together, then do that. Utilize your spring break to fit your needs. This is the space for recovery in between all the blows that the semester can give you. Use it wisely.

3. Give yourself fun, realistic goals for the break.

If you already have your trip planned out, then you’re good to go.If not, instead of planning out a whole trip five days before spring break, give yourself some fun, and no-hassle outings that spark your interest. Go back home and hang out with your best friend you haven’t seen in months. Gather a few people and go to the beach (recommended if it’s less than two or three hours away). Going to the amusement park, or have a picnic with your mom or siblings. These are all small, enjoyable events that will still give you something to talk about after your spring break.

4. Venture out into some new things.

Use this free time to dip your toe into some new experiences during your spring break. If you’re staying on campus, there are tons of things to do in D.C. besides staying on campus. Visit a museum you haven’t been to before, or a new monument. Take the metro, and explore Georgia Avenue or new parts of D.C. If you’re traveling, try going to places other than the tourist spots in your destination. If you’re at home or anywhere else, try a new cuisine such as Thai or Brazilian. Get that tattoo or piercing that you’ve always wanted, or go to a new club. It can be something as simple as going to a new thrift shop you’ve heard great reviews about.

5. Take time to reset yourself.

In college, it seems like we’re always on the go, and spring break is idealized to make us move even faster trying to wild out and find as many functions and parties to go to. But with all that there must be balance. Whatever your plan is for this week, make sure to take some time to just be with yourself. Slow everything down and reflect on your semester and analyze and unpack all the things you were feeling and going through before break let out. Assess what you need to reset yourself and be a better you when you come back to finish off the rest of the year. Whether all you need is a good cry, a nap, to lie out on the beach with your eyes closed for an hour, a jog, a day long netflix binge with your favorite snacks, or a night at the club to let free. Just make sure to ground yourself at some point during the week and release. Have a safe spring break.


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