Many people these days claim titles like woke, Hotep, Israelite, Conscious, Pro-black, Ally and numerous others. Typically, they are “fake deep” followers trying to ride the wave of the societal norm of claiming advocacy with no true intentions of orchestrating real change through the resources available to them. This pattern has made these titles obsolete and destroyed all meaning behind them. Although it is better for revolution to be a fad than other destructive trends, such as violence and misogyny, it is still  counterproductive and largely a source of confusion for those who truly care.

We should always be careful to not mislabel ourselves, and we must first acknowledge our daily actions. Before you are so quick to jump onto a progressive bandwagon ask yourself are you really involved enough to claim such titles? If the answer is no, then you should simply maneuver through your own endeavors and not attach yourself loosely. It is imperative to understand that not everyone is a revolutionary or game changer, and even those that are don’t need to attach themselves to these labels. Although many people genuinely mean no harm by calling someone woke, it can sometimes be a mockery of those who are actually diligently working to bring an end to social injustice.

For instance, there have been times where a White person has spoken out against racism solely in a verbal manner, and Black people have responded by saying that they are “invited to the cookout.” In many ways this is an unintentional way to downplay the work of people fighting this war against immorality. This is also downplaying actual allies who are on the front lines with poc by prasing any white person who is “safe.”

As freshmen we are introduced to numerous organizations on campus that can often lead to getting involved with organizations outside of campus. Many have great causes at the heart of their functioning, but sometimes for many students it will only last during their time in college. Consistency is the key to a movement’s success in its endeavors to change societal rhetorics. When its members are more interested in appearances, titles and aesthetics, the battle has already been lost. People fail to realize that you can sleep walk and mistake it for being “conscious” or “woke.” Therefore, it is better to be an individual who does not claim popular titles, who aligns themselves with others who have similar progressive ideas and who thinks in an analytical manner.

When a movement doesn’t have subjective titles, it makes inclusivity a point and it avoids specificities that hinder diverse involvement. Movements with common motives replacing labels should be the new wave. As freshmen we still have time to discover our passions. Don’t allow them to be a continuous flow of uninspired activism that is ultimately for temporary recognition and glory. They say that what is done in the dark shall come to the light so let whatever this may be outshine that light due to its pure intentions.

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