People typically don’t pay attention to the power of art today. The ability of a song or poem to shape someone’s mood is only the beginning of explaining the power of art. Misogyny and violence is a theme that has strangely become mainstream and oddly is overlooked by much of society as an “artistic” norm.

Art is meant to compel, empower, provoke conversation, and address serious issues. For people to be so comfortable with such debauchery should make those conscious of this reality very cautious and uneasy. As a college freshman you are the face of the future with fresh ideas for innovative creation and shifting the direction of the world. For college freshmen who are artists, the goal should always be to change this unfortunate rhetoric. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but they failed to mention we’re not fighting against enemies with swords anymore but mass weapons of destruction. Of course, there is no specific way to create art, but people must realize art is scientific. Art should cause evolution and push us forward as a people. It should not mutate people and make people indifferent to the struggles of others by supporting ongoing destruction, ignorance, and greed.


Many artists falsely call themselves “activists.” It is scary to think that such a powerful word can be used so freely. A true activist artist doesn’t only create art projects that spark controversy and give light to relevant issues. An activist is a visionary who finds creative ways to solve these issues and brings a concrete aspect to the abstract side of their art. The root word is act; the root cause for being an activist is to act on your passions and topics you find important. Some people simply don’t have the network or knowledge to know what ways to get involved with their particular movements or to start them. However, when you’ve come up with some basic ideas of how to start making these changes they will eventually grow into more elaborate concepts.


Once you have a plan it is time to map out your plan of action. With the knowledge of what you’re advocating for you’ll be able to compile ideas on how to bring them into action. The main issue that invalidates many activists who claim the title is whether the work they’re doing is relevant or not. Although it is kind of trial and error, the mission should always be to act in effective ways. Much like an artist who constantly releases mixtapes or EPs, the work is not always quality if it is not well thought out. When tying Art, Activism, and Action together, artists must realize it’s about the message, the mission, and the method, not the money. Therefore, the efforts should be intricately designed and not rushed.

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