Before coming to college, most people never thought about the responsibilities they would have to take on living independently for the first time. From buying groceries to keeping up with laundry and handling financial aid, adjusting to college life can be daunting. Everyone is adjusting and has made mistakes in the process. As a freshman, here are some struggles many #HU21 students have faced during their first semester with their first experience of “adulting.”

This topic came from personal mishaps while being an “adult.” Arriving at Howard was so exciting – from roommate trips to Target to having autonomous purchase power. This was very exciting until food only lasted me a week, and I began starving in my room. Since then, I have learned what snacks I do and don’t like, what will last, and how to budget.

Another big step in adulting came into play at the CVS. For the first time, I had to refill my own prescriptions. I learned my lesson after being sent back twice after learning to call in for a refill before arriving at the store to get it. These are just two of the many lessons learned during my first 3 months at Howard, and I’m sure I have a long way to go.

Other Howard freshmen shared their stories and struggles with this new life. Arden Leblanc, a biology major from New Orleans, La. said, “It’s been a pretty weird experience, I’ve never had to go to the dentist or the doctor by myself and now that I am alone on this college campus, I have to do all those things.”

Donella Smith seemed more confident about her abilities to take care of herself. The political science major from the Bronx, N.Y. said, “I can say that my mom actually prepared me for all of this.”

Allison McAdoo, an undecided major from Los Angeles, Calif. had a funny story about one of her “adulting” fails. “One time, I came from the thrift store and I found this really cute top and I was gonna wash it the day before I would wear it. I saw it was white, but I thought it was a ‘different type of white,’ so I thought it could go with all my colorful clothes. But I took [the laundry] out and the shirt was purple.”

“Adulting,” can sum up many things based on one’s college experience, but the good thing is no one is alone. Ultimately, the purpose of going to college is to get a degree, but college also teaches young adults to be independent. Some may have had more responsibilities at home, and some will take longer than their peers to learn all of these new things; regardless, it is a process that one will learn at his or her own pace. Years from now, today’s freshmen will look back at these times and laugh. For now, remember to take it one day at a time.

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