As we are approaching the end of the semester, realize you’ve made it this far, so pat yourself on the back. In the next few weeks, life will begin to get a little crazy with finals and tying up loose ends before the semester is over. This is the time where homesickness can really consume you. Make sure to stick out through the coming weeks. When it seems like you still need a boost, here are some tips to overcome the homesickness

1. Get Involved

In this new environment, you have endless possibilities that you have yet to explore. Getting into something new can take your attention off of home and onto something fun. Joining different organizations is also a great way to meet people.

2. Make Friends

Nothing is ever going to replace your lifelong friends but it’s nice to have new ones to go through this phase of life with. They can help you find exciting activities to do during your time here.

3. Set Goals

You came to school for a reason. Some of you want to be leaders, politicians, musicians, artists, writers etc. Your will to achieve that goal alone can be enough to help you through the semester.

4. Remember Your Morals

As freshman Brittany Ham says, “I wasn’t sad to leave home but it was overwhelming to make every decision alone without someone to tell me no.” Going to school doesn’t mean you have to automatically turn into a wild child. Sticking to your morals can help you still feel close to your family and the lessons they taught you. It’s better to know you’re homesick but making them proud rather than embarrassed.

5. Call Home

Sometimes just hearing the voices of the people you love can lift your spirits. Don’t just go into isolation and try to tough it out until you get home – you will fail. These are the people that know you best and their advice could help you do better while you’re away.

6. It’s Your Party…Cry If You Want To

Sometimes just taking a minute to acknowledge your fears and feelings can make you feel better. A lot of the time we bottle in the way we feel and it comes out in the ugliest fashions (like giving up on school). Take some time for yourself every once in awhile. Call your mom and maybe just have a good cry.

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