It’s Homecoming week! The biggest event of the year is finally here. Campus will be filled with events, games, food, and celebrity sightings all week. With all these chances for a photo-op, it is a requirement to slay all day every day this week. Here are some ways to make sure you stay fly all week long.

Plan Outfits Ahead

Time is precious during homecoming week. Save time and stress by planning outfits ahead of time. Plus, by planning outfits ahead, more time can be spent on beating your face and accessories.


Deodorant Is a Must

This is pretty self-explanatory but deodorant is going to be your greatest ally this homecoming season. Nobody wants to be that person at the party who everyone is saying is funky.


Set Your Makeup

With all of the knuckin’ and buckin’ that will be going on, it definitely will get hot. Watching a pair of eyebrows slide off in the club is a real tragedy, so don’t play yourself and SET, SET, SET.


Don’t Overdo the Highlight

Too much highlighter can make you look like a greasy glitter ball, so slow your role. A good rule with makeup is to start slow and build. If executed correctly, highlighter is the perfect touch to make you pop out.


Wear the Right Shoes

They say that beauty is pain, but sis there is no beauty in watching you struggle to walk in those 6-inch heels. Go for a shorter and/or thicker heel to save yourself some pain this week. Also, opt for flats if you think it is the better fit.


Complete the Look With Accessories

Glasses, earring, chokers, etc. can always take your look to the next level. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, key accessories can transform basic outfits into a high-fashion homecoming look.

Follow these tips and you’ll stay flawless all week. Enjoy Homecoming, have fun, and stay classy!

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