On September 30, Luke Cage, premiered as an original Netflix series making it their third collaboration series with Marvel. The action-packed drama, set in Harlem, follows the life of the character of a same name, as he battles the crime filled streets of the city. The product of an experiment gone wrong, Cage provides street justice with superhuman strength and skin like teflon.

Last Friday at Howard, Netflix had a special screening of the show in the School of Business which included a panel with creator Cheo Hodari Coker and lead actress Simone Missick who played Misty Knight. The event included green screen photo booths, where fans could interact, and a DJ who provided music for the event. Throughout the Q&A, leading lady, Simone Missick provided many life lessons that she’s learned and how they have assisted her with portraying her character in the show. Missick and Coker also gave advice for students interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment fields. “Go about the business of doing it- it might not be THE opportunity but it can carry you to the next level” Simone Missick said. “The only thing you can control is your consistence, concentration and intensity you pursue your dream with.” Coker added.

After the panel, the audience filed into the auditorium to watch the first episode of the series. Throughout the episode, the essence of the black identity and experience was highly prevalent. Coker described the setting of Harlem as “a character within itself” and it shows. The writers incorporated many of the city’s landmarks, people and culture itself into the production, and with its strong dialogue, complicated relationships and action packed scenes, Luke Cage remains highly entertaining to audiences alike. Aside from the themes of being unapologetically black and touching on sensitive topics, the show manages to keep the audience engaged. From the diversity in it’s characters, complexity and inclusion of black culture in the storylines, to the symbolism of a bulletproof, black man in a hoodie, Luke Cage proves it’s in a league of it’s own.

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