Picture1The parties, celebrities, and music have left campus. Homecoming has come to a close. Now that the fun is over, students are being forced back into reality.  All of the fun during homecoming week serves as a great escape from the stresses of school. However, students pay large sums of money to come to Howard to pursue degrees; therefore, school is a priority. Staying focused in the upcoming weeks is crucial for academic success. Spring registration has begun, as well as preparation for finals.

As the weather gets colder, many students find it harder to attend class. However, now is the most important time to attend. Classes are winding down with limited assignments left; therefore, attendance of the remaining class times is vital. Students can utilize the library and office hours to enhance their understanding and performance in the classroom. In turn, this will help with preparation for the fast approaching finals.

This week, registration opened for the spring semester. Registration is both an exciting and anxious time on campus. As students evaluate their goals and plan their future, they can get stressed out by all of the planning involved. However, it is important to stay calm during registration week. Counseling offices are full of students trying to get their schedules fixed. This process runs smoother when students come in prepared with proper materials and ready with questions so that they only have to make one visit. Seniors are preparing for their final semester at the Mecca. It is with great hope that Howard students embody black excellence and finish the semester strong.

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