The All Star battle kicked off with the Artist competition. Returning winner E.L.P.J hit the stage first. His performance incorporated conscious rap and call and response interactions with the crowd. The use of the “self-destruction” phrase repetitively and the raising of fists in the air gave off 90s rap vibes. Zay Nabi was next on stage. His show was full of energy as he continuously spits his “same brother, just a different attitude” lyric. After, Chicago rapper LukeG came to the stage. The beats in his songs were poppin. His performance was full of energy and had a nice flow. Even the crowd was chanting his lyrics with him.  Last amongst the artist was Prestige. His performance was filled with excitement. The use of background dancers really made his show standout. But nothing was better than his a cappella freestyle, it really left an impression on the audience.


The All Star battle continued with the Producer competition. Returning winner MerlexSkate was first on stage. He danced around and got the crowd hype as the beats he produced played in the background. Throughout the crowd you could hear audience members free-tyling on his beats. 

Later, Eli graced the stage. The beats he produced were interesting and unexpected. Some may describe it as hypnotizing.  Last but certainly not least, RSH on The Beat hit the stage. She stood as the only woman in the competition and she rose to the occasion. Her performance was live and eccentric. 

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The All Star battle came to an end with the DJ competition. DJ A1, returning winner hit the stage first. He spun nothing but the hottest songs out. The entire crowd was dancing. Then, DJ Atrix came to the stage. His set was filled with throwbacks and Jersey Club music. Lastly, crowd favorite DJ Jetson graced the stage. He spun the perfect mix of old and new songs. His set had the entire audience on their feet dancing. DJ Jetson was one with the crowd. 


Finally, the judges–Chub E. Swag, Luther R. Clark and DJ Premonition deliberated. The results are in:

Howard’s Hottest Artist: E.J.L.P

Howard’s Hottest Producer: RSH on The Beat

Howard’s Hottest DJ: DJ Jetson     


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