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Many only know of Mathew Knowles as the father of the most successful sisters in the music industry today, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. On Tuesday night, Howard students were able to meet Dr. Mathew Knowles, the businessman, manager, professor, and father.

This event was apart of the John H. Johnson speaker series that encourages students to consider entrepreneurship. Dr. Knowles spoke to students about holding their self to a higher standard and being serious about their craft. Despite having to be twice as good in mostly white spaces, he urged them to “visualize being the very best.” Simply believing in one’s success is half the battle.

Dr. Knowles made a point to link his discussion to his new book The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals. It focuses on building the foundations of an entrepreneur. He said, “It takes being a high risk taker to be an entrepreneur.” In addition to entrepreneurial skills, he stressed the importance of hard work, no matter what field or industry.

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