Recently, the self-love movement has gained a lot of popularity and is reaching audiences across the world. Self-love is emphasized as being the cornerstone for all things you do in life. Self-love is vitally important, however, it looks different for every individual.

To me, self-love is both acceptance of yourself, and confidence in your abilities. Acceptance is necessary before one can become confident. It is extremely difficult to overcome self-doubt and to acknowledge and accept our flaws. Especially in the age of social media, where everyone’s life is seemingly perfect when displayed through a small lens. Many people struggle with their identities and insecurities, and because of the masks that we wear on social media, people often feel as though they are alone in their struggles.

The journey to self-love is difficult and complex. I’m not sure if one can ever completely achieve self-love since humans are constantly evolving as life progresses. Self-reflection is crucial in order to understand yourself and your feelings. As you begin to understand yourself and why you feel a certain way, it becomes easier to accept who you are. After analyzing yourself, you may find tendencies that you don’t like that you may work to improve. Self-love is complicated and every person approaches it differently. Once you begin to love yourself, this love can then spreads to other aspects and people in your life.

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