On a warm spring day, what you wear to Sunday brunch can either set the tone for the day or make you crumble under the comparisons to DC’s finest, who seem to come out in their best fashions every Sunday.

You could run into the pastor of your church or the man of your dreams all on one afternoon. Your Sunday brunch outfit should be a mix of chic and classy or fun and flirty.

Not sure if you can pull it off? No worries. Here are seven tips to assist you in creating your best Sunday brunch look.


1. Color Pop

Whatever top you decide to wear should have a hint of color and should complement your skin complexion. Finding the tone that compliments your skin the best will highlight all your best features.

2. Natural Beauty:

First impressions are key, so your appearance is a very important factor in your brunch look. If you decide to wear makeup, be sure to be as natural as possible in order to showcase your own skin and to show everyone how confident you are!

3. Complimentary Clothes Only:

We have so many dresses in our closet, it can be difficult to find the right one. Your dress should always compliment your own shape. Stay away from dresses that are too tight. Bodycon dresses can cheapen your brunch look unless you pair them with a flowy cardigan to give it that classy touch.


4. No Dress Zone:

Dresses can be annoying to some, so do not be afraid to break out some trendy pants. Many different pants outfit ideas can work for a Sunday brunch. You try so many different fits. From skinny jeans to wide-leg flowy trousers there are so many ways for you to make a statement. I like ankle pants are the best because you can rock a cute heel with them.


5. Head to Toe:

Shoes are important and they could be the reason your Sunday brunch outfit comes up short. Think strategically about your plans for the day then pick your shoe. Do not wear 5-inch heels if you are not willing to take a stroll in the park with them. The average heel length is three inches. So, it is okay to pop on the tinier heels for an easier fit. If you’re not a heels girl, you can always rock a cute slip on sneaker or flat.

6. Too Breezy:

Restaurants usually have heavily air conditioning in order to accommodate customers so you should always bring a cover-up. Cover-ups can range from a blazer to a shall or even a light sweater. You never know if your new brunch spot has outdoor seating so be prepared!



7. Bling It Out:

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessories are known to always complete the look. A nice pair of earrings and a clutch can take a simple dress to a brunch day classic.


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