Rocking his self-made squad jacket donned with the number zero–a homage to his career starting role–Khleo Thomas talked to WHBC about his life and brand, Slick Living.

The clothing line is Thomas’ brain child. He’s involved in every stage of production from beginning to end–advice he also gives to aspiring business owners. He also emphasized the importance of sending out samples of your work even if it’s just your design photoshopped onto a shirt. He also says to engage with your audience which is made even easier now with social media. Consistency has been a key part of his brands success.

The clothes featured on the Slick Living site are unique. With his new jackets, Thomas says each one will be individually numbered and sent with a personal touch from Khleo himself. He has also added exclusivity to his brand. Once an item sells out, that’s it. So make sure you’re quick to get a piece of Slick Living.

Thomas has been on the scene since he was only eight years old on an episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things, and has managed to stay relevant with his fan base. He tells everyone who also wants longevity to “Never get caught up with what you’re doing. You can branch out and do different things.” Looking at the diversity of his career, it’s safe to say he’s definitely followed his own advice. Slick Living hasn’t been Thomas’ only venture. In the last few years he’s posted daily videos to his Snapchat and Instagram accounts, landed multiple TV roles, dabbled in music (remember his tour with Bow Wow?), and in January started a daily podcast called Aware Wolvves about all his life’s adventures. Currently, Thomas is working on the sister company to Slick Living by the name of G.L.A.M, Goddess Living Amongst Men. His says the inspiration for this line came from his younger sister and a desire to emphasize women’s empowerment. He also currently holds a recurring role on Shameless and is working on producing his first independent film.

Even with all his success, Khleo Thomas admits he didn’t get here without a little soul searching first. He says, “I didn’t think the entertainment industry would accept all I’m doing.” Now, Thomas lives each day of his life without asking permission. His openness actually often lands in The Shade Room because of the lack of filter in his commentary.

So, who is Khleo Thomas? In his own words, “I am my business. I am an entertainer…I think I was put on this world to entertain as a whole.”

If you weren’t already a fan on Khleo Thomas, he visited Howard University on his own Sunday night and even stopped by the A-building to see what the protests were all about. Check out his support for Howard students here.

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