Reports To: WHBC News Directors, Programming Directors, General Manager, and all WHBC Managers

Location: WHBC


As a reporter, it is your responsibility to report all relevant campus, local, and national news to the campus in addition to maintaining the status quo of the News Department.

Job Responsibilities:

Reporting accurate, timely, and relevant news must remain the number one priority at all times. A reporter must demonstrate a high competence of current news. Having the ability to know and understand the purpose of delivering the news to the campus will allow reporter to make decisions in relation to the best interest of the WHBC listeners. The reporter must be able to take instruction well from others. The reporter must be able to deliver 1 minute news scripts along with 2 minute packages consisting of out in the field news. In the case the reporter is not able to fulfill his or her job requirements the reporter should inform a News Director immediately. The reporter will receive regular evaluations from the News Department on their performance and improvement. As a reporter you are required to do all assigned stories and when a News Director is not available in the station the reporter is overseen by other WHBC managers.


  1. Leadership: Being self motivated, being able to motivate others; understanding empathy; organizational skills; being able to take and give direction.
  2. Current News: effectively finding and understanding current news that is relevant to the campus.
  3. Communication: Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  4. Continuous Learning: Actively learning new areas for learning; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities; using resources available through WHUR.
  5. Contributing to Team Success: Actively participating as a member of the team to move the team toward the completion of goals.
  6. Information Organization: The reporter must know how to organize information in a manner in which it can be used to make effective decisions.


  • Full-time validated Howard University student in good academic standing (2.75 GPA or greater)
  • Must be interested in learning about broadcast journalism, radio, and news
  • The ideal candidate would be a results-driven team player with a positive attitude
  • Must have excellent communication/listening skills and be self-motivated to produce quality work



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