Reports To: Digital Content Director & Coordinators


As a Digital Content Volunteer, you are the communication guide of the station. You will work on our website, submitting articles, managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts, photographing events, producing video recaps of events and also provide the content streaming on Channel 51.

Job Description:

The Digital Content Volunteers are the photographers, Videographers, Journalists and Graphic Designers on Howard’s campus. The volunteers are comprised of photographers, journalists/writers, videographers and graphic designers.  As a Digital Content Volunteer you are responsible for researching and writing all stories that are happening around Howard’s campus. They will report news on a variety of beats such as politics, relationships, fashion, entertainment, business, etc. Selected volunteers will be required to take photos at local and campus events, while working with our journalists. Other selected volunteers will submit creative graphic designs for WHBC’s new on-air shows, and station events.


  1. Leadership: Being self-motivated, being able to motivate others; understanding empathy; organizational skills; being able to take and give direction.
  2. Creativity: Designing eye popping graphics and fliers and developing interesting ideas to be seen on the website.
  3. Communication: Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  4. Continuous Learning: Actively acquiring new areas for learning; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities; using resources available through WHUR.
  5. Contributing to Team Success: Actively participating as a member of the team to move the team toward the completion of goals in a timely manner.


  • Full-time validated Howard University student in good academic standing (2.75 GPA or greater)
  • The ideal candidate would be a results-driven team player with a positive attitude.
  • Must have excellent communication/listening skills with the motivation enough to meet client needs.


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