Raina (Rain-uh) Simone Henderson


I’m a Freshman Political Science Major with a concentration in Black Politics, and future minors in Philosophy and African American studies from Englewood, NJ and Harlem, NY.

I began making music as a classically trained pianist and violinist. Music in general has always been of interest to me. In middle school I began to write lyrics, but didn’t have beats to sing or rap them over. My parents refused to give me money for beats, but I was determined to make cohesive songs with my lyrics, so I began to make my own beats. Starting in garageband, I began to gain a following with which I used to sell and promote my beats. With the money that I produced from selling garageband beats, I then graduated to logic, Pro Tools for mixing, and eventually Maschine. By high school I’d decided that I wanted to take music production seriously, and began investing in innovative ways to become an interactive music producer. I realized that beat making had become a very common practice with the advance of technology, and wanted to learn a craft that would cause me to stand out from other music producers. With this in mind, I began to apply my instrument skills on my beat machine. I began to use beat machines as instruments rather than midi plug ins, performing live beats across the underground NYC hip hop scene. Though I am a political science major, music has always been my passion. Ultimately my main goals are to find an intersectional ground between Civil/Human Rights Law and Music, while entirely shifting a genre to create my own.

I’m extremely excited to be a part of Howard’s Hottest this year. I thank WHBC and WHUR for the opportunity. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to showcase my beat making skills to the entirety of the Howard University student body, and expand my music making network as much as possible. In addition to this, I love being in the presence of other dedicated and driven musicians who work on the same craft. I’ve been motivated by the drives, and talents of my fellow competitors to push myself to be a better musician. Howard’s Hottest provides artists with new insight on their music, as well as the opportunity to perform and expand their networks. Whether or not I win the competition, I know that after having seen and heard my beats, various Howard artists will be interested in working with me.

Instagram: @RSHonTheBeat

Twitter: @TheRapHeadOTM

Facebook: Raina-Simone Henderson

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