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Kennedy Watson is a junior, mathematics major from Atlanta, Georgia and rising realtor with Keller-Williams Realty in Tucker, Georgia.

Inspired by her realtor mother, Watson often shadowed her and thought to herself, “This is something I would really like to do as a side hustle when I got older.” When she became of age, she quickly jumped on the trade. “In Georgia, you have to be 18 to be a licensed real estate salesperson, so that’s when I started,” said Watson.

This past summer, at the age of 19, Watson single-handedly hosted her first open house. Despite the property’s unique challenges, she still claims it to have been a success and is grateful to have gotten her first one under the belt.

Although she has not personally made any sales yet, she landed an apartment referral that scored her $850. She also spent the summer sharpening her skills, working as a licensed assistant, where she made over $2000.

Although those numbers are enticing, Watson shared the road to becoming and staying a licensed realtor is costly. “My classes cost like $525, and to take the test was like another $115. There are fees after you are a relator…mine are about $80 or $90 a month”, said Watson. But don’t be discouraged. Watson is confident the investment is worthwhile because, “Being a real estate agent, it’s all about you and the work you put into your business.” Stay committed and you’ll be sure to make it back and then some.

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