The music department is a branch of the programming department that is responsible for the quality, appropriateness, timeliness, and cleanliness of all the music that goes on air. The people of the music team are responsible for understanding what it is the campus would like to hear, when they want to hear it, and using selector to schedule music that fits the wants of the campus and also ties into the descriptions of the shows.

To contact the music department, email them at

Music Manager: Danielle Brogdon

Hailing from the Motor City of Detroit, Danielle Brogdon has been infatuated with the music and entertainment industry for as long as she can remember. As a junior Media Management major, Business Administration minor, she has been devoted to making sure she leaves her mark on the entertainment industry. Danielle has been involved with WHBC since her freshman year when she decided to join the web content team. This last year, Danielle served as a member of the music team where she knew that she could make a difference and help aid in creating the sound of Howard University. In her free time, she uses her talents as a blogger and media specialist, while staying on top of the latest trends, news and, happenings in the world of hip-hop. Her dedication to hard work & her career has granted her the opportunity to intern with numerous entertainment companies including Jesse Collins Entertainment for the 2017 BET Awards. As she embarks on her junior year she will serve as WHBC’s Music Manager, where she will foster and  help curate the sound of the Mecca.  If you’re looking for her, you can also find Danielle listening to music, writing, attending concerts, and traveling to her next destination.

Assistant Music Manager: Milan Wicks

Milan Wicks is a junior Public Relations major, Business Administration minor student originally from Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She began her time at WHBC as a driven and hard-working Music Volunteer and did the board operations for the show Incense & Candles. Milan is working diligently toward her goal of working in the radio industry in some capacity and possibly creating her own record label or radio station. On campus, Milan is a member of the Howard University Cali Club and the Howard University Georgia Club. With a strong passion for the culture, music, and good vibes Milan plans to make the music content on WHBC the best it could be for the community and Howard University students.

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