The promotions team acts as the face of the station. In order for the student body to get that first great impression of WHBC it is up to the promotions team to make sure the student body is aware of who we are, what we have to offer, and how the student body can benefit. The promotions team will act as the voice of WHBC by telling the campus what great opportunities they have by listening into WHBC and making them more aware of our content and purpose.

To get in contact with the Promotions Managers, please email them at

Promotions Director: Ashley Spraggins

Ashley Christine Spraggins is a senior marketing major at Howard university’s school of business. This being her second year as a WHBC manager, she is excited to put forth the maximum effort in making it the best year for WHBC’s promotion department. Dedicating most of her time to WHBC and schoolwork, Ashley still holds interest in writing short stories and reading urban novels. She also dreams of becoming a powerful business woman in the entertainment industry. Overall, Ashley’s main goals for her department this year is, rebranding, building professionalism and developing loyalty within WHBC’s street team.

Assistant Promotions Director: Naya Whitehall

Naya Whitehall is a Sophomore Public Relations Major from Long Island, New York. During her time at Howard not only was she an avid member of the WHBC Street Team but she was also the captain of the Quad Step Team during the 2015-2016 school year and a part of the New York Club on campus. Naya is extremely dedicated to her studies and works hard to maintain her scholarship but she also enjoys art, spoken word, black cinema and alternative/90s era hip hop. Her main goal is to become a power player in the field of Public Relations and Image Management focused specifically on the music industry. Naya is very excited to see what this year has in store for WHBC and hopes that we can remain the #1 college station in the nation!


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