The sales department is responsible for increasing revenues for the station by making executive decisions in relation to the best interest of the station. The sales department is also responsible for maintaining providing top class service while maintaining relationships with clients.

To contact the Sales Director, please email them at

Sales Manager: Cherise Cryer

Cherise Cryer is a senior Marketing major from New Orleans, Louisiana. Cherise joined the WHBC family as both a music and production volunteer in her junior year, and serves as the 2017-2018 Sales Manager. Her love of music and getting to know people has driven her on her journey to become a future marketing professional in the entertainment industry. In addition to WHBC, Cherise is also a member of American Marketing Association where she is the Director of Membership, and holds a GPA of 3.71. She is dedicated to developing valued relationships between WHBC and local businesses to ensure a successful school year.


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