Def Jam recording artist, Dave East stopped by Howard University radio station, WHBC for a quick interview to promote his newest EP, Paranoia: A True Story, that is putting New York City back on the map. 

Meet Dave East

Twenty-nine- year old rap artist Dave East was raised in East Harlem, N.Y. East is the new kid on the block with the hype from all artists such as rapper Nas to The L.O.X. Dave East is everything the New York rap game has been missing, while taking in the old and new rap and making something special. Howard University’s radio station, WHBC caught up with Dave East to ask a few questions and to get to know him. 

What were you thinking/feeling when you were notified that you were chosen to be apart of XXL magazine 2016 freshman class?

Dave East: I was actually on tour, I was on the road, during that time I had a tape out called “Hate Me Now”. We were on the road somewhere, and my manager at the time woke me up and was like “yo you got the cover” I was hype. Honestly, at that point I thought I should’ve been on it the year before..

How did you feel walking into Def Jam the day you knew you were going to be signed?

Dave East: That was dope!, I signed my deal on my birthday so we was in the strip club in Brooklyn, we was in Lust and I was bent. We left out the club at like 3:30 in the morning, then I went to Def Jam label after the club. Me and all the homies, they had bottles for me. It was lit! That was dope, but I just knew my life was about change or the better.

How does your religion and your background intertwine with your music career? Does it have its defining moments for you? Is there a time where you stop and you just think about yourself?

Dave East: I feel like my religion it plays a part in everything I do, you know what I’m saying? I get a lot of both, positive feedback and negative feedback, because me being Muslim the rapper lifestyle is not looked upon as a good thing. So, I get a lot of negative feedback for that, but then I get the positive feedback from younger Muslims and people that are of my age, and of this lifestyle. They just respect me for keeping the law first and even promoting that I am Muslim, a lot of people don’t be promoting it because of the things that America make you feel about Muslim people. A lot of people be hiding it…

I heard you had a little hustle, selling Dragon ball Z and Pokemon print out, you printed them out in color and selling them? What was good with that?

Dave East: Yup! My moms had a printer in the crib and Dragon Ball Z was lit for some reason at the time, everybody was on it. So I use to go on Google, I guess it was google then? So i searched Dragon Ball Z pictures and print them joints out. I used all my moms ink, i’d go to school with like fifty different pictures, I’ll have a folder of them joints so it look like I was doing my homework, it look like I had mad papers, all pictures. I’d sell them for like dollar fifty. I’ll leave the school with like twenty or thirty dollars…

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