The groove sound captivates its audience, and before they know it, they start to dance. They then turn to their left and see others moving too. All of them are pleasantly being serenaded by the sounds of go-go and R&B. They start to think what a shame it would have been if you didn’t come out. That’s the thought many had at D.C’s 202 Music Festival last Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

The 202 Music Arts Festival provided a continuous stream of musical and visual arts entertainment across the span of 12 hours. The Festival also represented several different genres of music in attempts to accommodate the tastes of many listeners. Although the Commission on the Arts and Humanities anticipated the number of festival-goers to be as high as 10,000, according to the Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the actual number of attendees only reached a few hundred to 1,000 throughout the entire festival.

“There should be more. There should be more announcement of it. I live right across the street, and I only came because I could hear the music from my house. I wanted to see what was going on, ” said D.C. resident, Terry Crabtree. “It can bring a lot of us together. It’s all about community.”

Bobby Broome, a resident of Virginia, shared the same sentiment. “I am surprised there aren’t more people here today. Maybe they didn’t advertise it enough.” The lack of turnout for the festival came as a surprise to many who attended, who themselves believed it to be a great opportunity to get out and see the town.

Deacon Izzy, a performer at the music festival, said “My name was on the flyer. My favorite thing about go-go  music is continuing a tradition I was thrown into.”  Izzy leads a band that plays a combination of styles including go-go, funk, and pop. As an opportunity to get out and have fun in the community, the 202 Music Festival is an option for those looking to get out on the weekends. “National exposure is one thing missing from D.C music,” Izzy said. He hopes for increased attendance for future music festivals. The 202 Music Arts Festival continues to provide both R&B and go-go to the music lovers of D.C.

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