Howard University celebrated its 150th year last during its 89th annual Homecoming. On Thursday, Oct. 19, faculty, alumni, students, and community members filed into Cramton Auditorium to kick off Homecoming weekend.

The 2017 Howard fashion show entitled PULSE had lofty expectations to meet given its legacy of prestige. Past Howard fashion shows have included celebrities such as Elle Varner, Janelle Monae, Serena and Venus Williams and Lance Gross. With the added pressure of it being the sesquicentennial,this year’s fashion show had a lot to live up to in order to establish a tone for Howard fashion in the near future.

The fashion show featured work from various designers that included both students and alumni. Students filed in to see their classmates. “What is interesting and really great about the fashion show is that it’s the students that model the clothing. It gives us  an outlet to truly express ourselves and be different, and students can also show that to alumni,” said Tadajah Coleman, business owner of VALM.

“If the model isn’t carrying the clothes with pride, it really takes away from the clothing. The model is a crucial middleman between the designer and the consumer,” said Chloe Cherytheodore, fashion designer and owner of Capsulated Clothing.“Howard students are really good at taking what is popping right now and taking it into a different direction,” Cherytheodore said. Chloe believed that current Howard students had a responsibility to uphold a legacy of greatness in regards to fashion. Many Howard University students shared that sentiment.

“Howard has a reputation for being a fashionable school,” said Taylor Ardrey, a model in this year’s Homecoming fashion show. “I look up to a Yandy Smith or Diddy and I really admire what they are doing in the fashion world. I follow Yandy on Instagram to see where she gets her fits, and Diddy basically invented the fur coat trend. Sean “Diddy” Combs is a Howard Alumni with a net worth of $820 million according to Forbes, and he designed the highly successful clothing line Sean John. Yandy Smith is a reality TV star from Love & Hip Hop:New York.

Alumni came flooding into Howard’s Homecoming in the thousands. With the likes of Sean Combs and Yandy Smith on the list of potential visitors for the weekend, Howard students make sure to take note .“Homecoming is where Howard students portray something they normally wouldn’t. With all the Alumni coming back, and perspective students visiting, everyone takes Homecoming as an opportunity to impress,” Coleman said.

Coleman expressed her thoughts on the tradition of the fashion show. “The fashion show is essential because it allows students to relate to the fashion world. You don’t even have to be a part of the fashion world to see its importance. Fashion is a part of our culture.” “The fashion show grows every year, so it is important to Howard’s future.”

With only three weeks to prepare, the 2017 fashion show still managed to be a success according to the models. Howard students and alumni alike see it as an important part of Howard’s essence.

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