Warner Bros. released its highly anticipated “Justice League” movie on the big screen on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017, but since its release, the movie has underperformed in the box office.

The “Justice League” film features actors Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck,  and Jeremy Irons as returning actors from previous movies of DC Comics, but it welcomes newcomers Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. The three characters are completely brand new to the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, which, according to inverse entertainment, was first established in 2013 with “Man Of Steel.”

Marvel, DC’s rival competitor within the superhero genre, has its own universe that started five years prior in 2008 and has already released multiple superhero team up films, with “Avengers” in 2012 and “Avengers 2:Age of Ultron” in 2015. “Justice League” is Warner Bros.’ first response to the Marvel’s Avengers series, and it came just months before the third Avengers movie, which is set to be released in May 4, 2018 by Marvel Studios. For its movie score, “Justice League” received a 41 percent rating on rottentomatoes compared to the 92 percent rating that “Avengers” received.

Audience reactions did not seem as harsh as critics. “Overall, it was a decent movie. It was pretty funny, but I think sometimes they were trying a bit too hard,” said movie-goer John Paul. “The action was good though. It was better than most DC (DC Comics) movies, though that’s for sure.”

As for box office ratings, “Justice League” still did not match the ratings of Marvel’s first team up superhero film. According to  “Justice League” earned $93 million in contrast to the $207 million box office earnings the “Avengers” movie made during the first weekend.

Danny Harris, a D.C. resident who saw the film on its opening night, said the lack of box office success could be due to the audience’s lack of familiarity with the characters. “There was way too much CGI(computer generated imagery). It took away from the focus of the movie, and it was distracting,” said Harris.

According to BoxOfficeMojo,  “Justice League” is a movie with a production budget of $300 million, the film has made $212 million to date domestically compared to the $623 million total domestic gross of “Avengers.” With a marketing campaign that cost Warner Bros. around $150 million, the movie studio hopes to see improvements.

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