Eight years ago, America watched as the first African American man was elected President. Fast-forward to today and history may potentially be made, again, with the first female President.

Hillary Clinton is the first female Presidential primary elect. Polls have place Clinton in a narrow lead against Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Throughout the election she has remained popular among female voters.

While casting her ballot early at the Columbia Heights Community Center, Ivy Kayira, 70, who is a retired civil servant expressed her eagerness to see a female in the oval office. “It’s time…” She said. “Men have been doing everything for all these years and [they] mess up everything. We need a chance and I think she would do a great job.”

The election of Clinton would add the United States to the list of powerful countries such as, Germany and the United Kingdom, with female leaders. While the possibility of having a female president is important to some, gender is the last concern to others.

25 – year –old software engineer Samantha Henry, are among the women not relying on the fact that Clinton is a woman. “I don’t think somebody’s gender should decide weather or not they are going to be come president. There are plenty of qualified women, unqualified women, certainly plenty of unqualified men.”

No matter the reason for their vote, excitement has surrounded the polling places from early elections, to the day of.

At the Sherwood Recreation center, paralegal, Roberta Freeman became emotional as she reflected. “[It’s] historical. And it gives you and understanding of what voting is all about. And understanding the historical aspect of what people have gone though, what women have gone through to be at this point.”

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