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Early Detection Is Your Best Protection: Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer begins when cells in the breast tissue grow abnormally. Then, they form a tumor, or a “lump.” The cells can then grow into surrounding tissues or spread to other areas of the body, according to the American Cancer Society.

Depending on your family history or demographics, you may be more at risk. It is important to consult a medical professional for personal questions and treatment.

Black women are more likely to get “triple-negative breast cancer,” which is more aggressive and more likely to come back after treatment. The disparities are linked to lifestyle differences between the two groups.

According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, white women and black women contract breast cancer at the same rate, but black women die from the disease 40 percent more often.

According to Susan G. Komen, the factors that attribute this statistic are that black women are more likely to have more children, have children at a younger age and be overweight before menopause.

Men are also at risk for breast cancer because men have breast tissue, too. Recently, Mathew Knowles announced he was diagnosed with the disease.

Anyone with breast tissue (which is everyone) has the chance of getting breast cancer, but there are some factors that everyone should consider to lower their risk.

  • limit alcohol
  • be active
  • have a healthy diet