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Three Tips To Winterize Your Hair

Cold weather is harsh on hair. From the dry air from the heaters we use to the thick scarves and hats we bundle up in to stay warm and the ends of our hair that rub against our cozy sweaters – there are many factors that cause temperature drops to be hard on our hair. Never fear, here are some tips to winterize your hair and keep it healthy during these cold months.

1. Protective Styling

Protective styles are styles that keep your ends protected. These are great to give us a break from our hair and to protect it from outside factors. Some popular styles are braids, twists, wigs and buns. The options are literally endless. With the help of YouTube, most of the styles are able to be done by yourself. Here are some easy DIY styles.

2. Create a barrier between your hair and harsh materials

Wool hats and scarves can be stylish and keep you warm, but the texture is terrible for hair. To remedy this, sew a silk or satin lining in your hats. If you aren’t that crafty, tie a silk or satin scarf on your hair before putting the hat on. Buying the hat with the lining already sewn in is also an option.

3. Use Conditioning Treatments

Since the winter elements dry out our hair, a way to combat this is to use deep conditioning treatments. Deep conditioners can be found at any place where hair products are sold, but you can also make your own with products you probably already have on hand. A quick DIY one is mayonnaise, olive oil, and an egg.

“Deep conditioners are formulated with ingredients that mimic the chemical substances that are found on the hair. Deep conditioners act as a temporary replacement for any nutrient that was lost during regular manipulation such as washing, styling and to the environments,” according to coilsandglory.com.

Cold weather does not mean your hair has to suffer! Stay warm and